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Viniyoga has changed my life. I’ve always hated all exercise but walking, but I look forward to yoga.


I started learning yoga from Olga just after I turned 60. If she can teach me, she can teach anyone. I’m now 68 but I feel better than I did at 60. My yoga practice has helped me through back surgery and injury much more than physical therapy. I have steadily grown stronger.


When I push myself too hard, I can count on Angi to massage away the soreness. Her bodywork is just amazing.

Olga and Erin are both outstanding teachers, but it’s their yoga method and philosophy that impresses me the most. I am living the results. - Melanie Tang







“Perfect!”, she says and we
believe her, even as our arms,
legs shake and wobble.

We get stronger.










“Why would you do that?”,
she asks, if we talk
about pushing ourselves
through pain, always gentle


always aware, we lean into
her knowledge, joy
as we breathe deeply, begin again.

Arms over our heads, we dive


into the next challenge, upside
down dog, feet on the wall.
As we breathe, our perspective
widens, transforms, our vital organs


have space to work, our hearts
along with our chests open, blossom
as relaxed we rest, then... walk out
to greet whatever life throws at us next.


-Elizabeth D.


"Olga, I have to tell you....your instruction has solved my long-term hip issues and helped my back a lot. I seldom have any issues with either now. I appreciate your kindness. Thanks so much."
- Linda S.


"Hello Olga. I wanted to thank you for this class (Yoga Therapy for the Lower Back Pain). I had never done yoga prior to your class and now feel I have some very good exercises for stretching and strengthening my back (and core). My back feels stronger now and I have had no back issues since starting your class. Thank you."

-Tom S.


"Hi Olga! Just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully put together Sutra study. I learned so much in these twenty weeks and I am so excited to continue studying the sutras. I really appreciate your teaching style - you have inspired me beyond words with my own classes.

With my gratitude,
Alison W."



"Erin, my feedback for the class is that I loved it, and really appreciated the therapeutic sharing aspect and visualizations. You know, the whole mind and body thing. I loved it, and you are a wonderful instructor!"

- Erin Fairchild



"1. I loved the class size. It was perfect for really feeling comfortable with the discussion.
2. The way that each class was organized (discussion first, reviewing how it ties in with the overall purpose, then the asanas) was great. It really brought together that yoga is more than just bending and stretching :)
3. Having the handouts each week was appreciated b/c it allows us to take it upon ourselves to continue
4. Each class felt like a very safe place to allow whatever emotions one has to emerge
5. Really the only thing that didn't work for me was the day/time, but that has nothing to do with you!


Thank you for a wonderful series! You're the best."

-Lisa Spradlin



"Most of my life I've suffered from chronic headaches, which I'd tried to control using OTC pain killers. When the frequency of the headaches increased last year, I became increasingly concerned about how much OTC medication I was taking. A friend suggested that I try acupuncture and that's how I discovered Jennifer. From the outset, I was impressed with her careful and thorough approach to solving my problem, and her professional manner. Jennifer does a great job of explaining what she's doing and why. Over the course of my treatments I've learned a great deal from her about the basics of Chinese medicine and how it relates to my overall health and well-being. Jennifer created a treatment plan for me that included both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I'm delighted that we've been able to dramatically reduce the intensity and frequency of my headaches and, as an added bonus, I'm feeling better than I have in a long time."



"My acupuncturist, Jennifer Folkerts, has taken such good care of me for almost a year now. I first came to see her for a disability that I was born with and have lived with my entire life, seeing many specialists who concentrated on this single issue. Jennifer looks beyond this disability, at my whole body's needs, simply explaining what she is doing and why, treating my body as a whole entity rather than a puzzle connected by joints."
-Aarynn B.


"Angi is the best I've come across. My shoulder had hurt for 8 years and after going to a doctor that wanted to cut me open, another doctor that just gave me pills to relieve the pain and then to an acupuncturist who turned me on to Angi, I finally got relief. My frozen shoulder was completely fixed within a few treatments under the very capable hands of Angi. I truly can't believe that I no longer have any pain anymore. I can pick up my little grandchildren with ease and can move my arms way above my head--something that I wasn't able to do for years! You want relief--see Angi."